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Bipartisan Panel on Civility in Politics

279 For Change Co-Founder, Political Re-Definer and Civics Educator Richard Greene explains how all of politics can be brought down to one magic number.

Beyond Trump and Hillary

It Takes 279

The entertainment value of the reality show called “Election 2016” is almost addictive — the personalities, the verbal catfights, the name calling, the inevitable daily train wreck or car crash. It’s The Kardashians meets The Apprentice meets NASCAR.


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Hillary Clinton liked to use the phrase “It takes a village,” and she had a good point. Sometimes tasks take more than one person, and to do a job well it may take a large group of people. The framers put that idea into motion with Congress. 


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You've Got Issues...Now Vote for Them!

#NoFilter with Zack Peter

Chat with Richard Greene of 279 for Change about what 279 means, how celebrities influence politics, and why this election is SO much more than Trump's tan OR Hillary's emails. You need to tune in to this one!


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Is Civility Dead?

Richard Greene speaking at the RNC

No Filter Podcast on 279 For Change

"Way outside the box.  No one thinks like this in Washington, Richard"

Senator (retired) Byron Dorgan, (D-ND)


"As usual you are on the cutting edge of great ideas.  Keep kickin’ it hard."

Mark McKinnon, Host, "The Circus", Co-Founder, "No Labels"


"Richard Greene is the best idea guy in America."

Val Nicholas, Vice-President and Creative Director, NBC News


"279 for Change American is an idea whose time has come.  Simplicity is what works."

David Fenton, Chairman, Fenton Communications



Melissa Fitzgerald, Actress, "The West Wing"


"One of the best podcasts I've ever heard. Thank you for the work you are doing."

Rena-Marie Villano, Studio Manager, "The Network Studios"


"I learned so much.  This is the first time I've ever had politics broken down in such an easy to digest way.  Now I'm excited about going out and finding bills that are exciting to me."

Zack Peter, Host of #NoFilter Podcast (age 21)

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