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Eva Longoria supports "The Dream Act", a bill that passed The House of Representatives in 2010 but failed, by 5 votes, to pass in The Senate. There is no current version pending but your Congressperson can re-introduce this bill and it could be voted on and passed at any time.


You are about to become a Citizen Lobbyist. 

But, before you can use your voice to put pressure on your representatives, are you registered to vote? 


If not, click here to register NOW! 

It’s super simple. 


Once you are registered, just click on any of the representativesand send them an email or a video. 

Use the default message or, better yet, customize your own message.

Congratulations, you have just helped “279” your bill!


Just a few hundred emails from constituents can make your Congressperson and Senators take a first look, or another look, at your bill and can persuade them to actually co-sponsor or agree to vote for it! 

Now, help spread the word to get the 279 elected representatives needed to make your bill "The Law of the Land."


Tell your friends about becoming a citizen lobbyist, and help them use their voice for good.


Your representatives should be sending you an email within the next few days, but if they don't, follow up and send this to them again - perhaps with an even stronger message.  They work for you!  They want YOUR vote!  They will listen!  And, if you really want to get them to listen . . . get every friend you have on social media who lives in your Congressional District or State to also send them a message! 


Thank you for being a part of 279 for Change! 

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